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Welcome to Manhattan Beach

We recently acquired this page and hope to show you that you can take a nice day trip from anywhere in the Los Angeles area to Manhattan Beach.  We would like this page to be a resource for the entire SoCal community and those who visit us from foreign lands.  Manhattan Beach is, in our opinion, under appreciated.   Tourists flock to Santa Monica, Huntington, and Newport Beach on the weekends.  But Manhattan Beach is a charming place to visit in our back yard.

Manhattan Beach has several advantages over these other locations:

  • Easy Access–Short Drive from most of LA, Free Parking less than a kilometer  from the sand.


  • SAFE  Less socially disadvantaged people living on the beach.   The city’s low crime rate lets you feel safe bringing your family.


  • There is much more natural beauty than the beach.  Lush landscaping, public parks, green belts, and beautiful streets that slope toward the blue see.


  • A lot to see in a small area.

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Active Lifestyle Manhattan Beach

Great Place for a Workout

Manhattan Beach has a tempariate climate.  Usually it’s overcast until around 11:00, and after that Manhattan Beach does not get as hot as inland areas.  And since there is an onshore breeze, you can enjoy the clean air.  It’s a great place to get fit.

Jogging, biking, hiking, swimming, volley ball, or just a stroll along the beach.

There are so many ways to enjoy the beach area.

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The idea was that we would fund this based on advertising and  affiliate programs, but the State of California has made it hard to do business.   So for now we will not have any advertising or things for sale.  Eventually someone will figure out how to outsource these jobs to other states like Arizona.  But for now we look at this as an opportunity to provide a community service.  We want to help you enjoy California !!!

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